Welcome to the Flickerdrome, a fan blog dedicated to reviewing the latest films and guiding you through the very best of modern cinema.

Starting January 2010, we bring you heartfelt and wholly independent reviews of the latest movies. Not all the latest movies mind (we haven't the time, money or inclination for that), but we endeavour to post at least one review each week.

The reviews are opinionated – we make no apologies for that – but we try to be as open and broadminded as possible in the hope that they might help inform your choices of what to see, and what to avoid.

As to the kind of films we like, well, put simply, it's the good ones we're into. We like films that respect our intelligence; films that use their medium to the fullest extent to take us somewhere; films made with love, passion and integrity. We're not elitist, we're openminded and huge film fans, regardless of where they're from or who's behind them.

Our main location for screenings is the Phoenix in East Finchley. It's one of the nicest little cinemas in north London. Although only small and single-screened, it's a film-lover's paradise, with its lovely art-deco frescos and good scheduling taken care of by City Screen, who put on a varied selection of mainstream, global, independent and arthouse films.

So why not join us on our journey? Feedback, leave comments, tell us we're full of shit if you must, you can even become a contributor if you like... Just cancel those LoveFilm subscriptions and get back to watching films as they should be watched: sat in the dark of a movie theatre, lost in the light of the big silver screen.